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School of Economic Analysis of ARETT

The School of Economic Analysis is a platform for interaction of the leading experts and economists of the country with regional economists on problems of social and economic development of specific territories, adapted to the needs of a particular region.

Objectives of the School:

• Targeted expert and analytical support of regional think-tanks and teams of researchers;

• Transfer of the competences of economic analysis and cultivation of analytical teams on the basis of regional universities;

• Assistance in the preparation of proposals to address the current socio-economic problems of specific regions.

The School is relevant due to the fact that social and economic development in the Russian Federation today is largely determined by the quality of management decisions that are taken at the regional level. There is a fairly large group of strong analytical centers involved in the development of economic and social policy in Moscow, but there is a significant shortage of experts and teams in the regions capable to make analytical support of the process of developing for the governors. 

The project is implemented with the support of the Committee of Civil Initiatives.

The first School of Economic Analysis was held in Ekaterinburg on November 12-13, 2015.

The Second School of Economic Analysis was held in Rostov-on-Don on February 19-20, 2016.

The Third School of Economic Analysis was held in Perm on May 30-31, 2016.

The Fourth School of Economic Analysis was held in Voronezh on March 9-10, 2017.

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