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Project "Furure of Russia: Poritive Agenga"

The project " Future of Russia: positive agenda" is an integral part of the research conducted by the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation and aimed at developing the Strategy for Russia's Socio-Economic Development 2018-2024.

ARETT is the main performer of the project, the co-performets of the project are the ZIRCON Research Group (Moscow) and the Analytical Center "Expert" (Ekaterinburg).

Objectives of the project:

- the allocation of active social groups with a distant horizon of interests and a positive agenda, seeking to have a dialogue about the future;

- definition of contours of the "model of the future", creating opportunities for successful development of the country.

Within the framework of the project we conducted the research in 7 regions of Russia during the autumn of 2016:

1. Working sessions of the CSR "Looking Intothe Future" with the participation of representatives of the regional administration;

2. In-depth interviews and focus group discussions with representatives of key social groups.

Representatives of business, heads of budget institutions and NGOs, employees of state bodies are invited to participate in interviews and discussion focus groups. The methodology of interviews and focus groups allow to make an identification of "success stories", as well as institutional decisions (best practices) that made these "success stories" possible.

Head of the project: Andrei Yakovlev

Contact details:

Project Manager: Daria Ragozina (topuomo@gmail.com).